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Bought my first z[1975 Fairlady 2+2] in 1984 when i was in the Marine Corps, stationed in okinawa japan.I was 19 yrs old with money burning a hole i my pocket for a car.A friend told me about this car for sale at a salvage yard, by the owner,who was a local. The jp's [japan police] wanted to crush the car because the owner's son got  in trouble with the police, for racin,,imagine that,,lol.I bought the car for 500 bucks ,put temp tags on it and raced around the island,for 2 an a half yrs till i shipped it home in 1986,,,after that i was hooked on z cars. I,ve owned nothing but nissan since and to this day. I have had 1 form of every generation z except for 350 and the not out yet 370.  I now own 3 z cars, my 1st ,fairlady, which is a shell form on a home made rotesorie, treated  and wraped, since 1988 ,till i get off my sorry butt and work on it. The 2nd z is 82 280zx coupe, non turbo, i started to get ready for summit point,all the interior sheet metal is done,rust wise ,painted underside,eng compartment and interior white, all the suspension done and panited,r200 diff resealed,paint and rear cover polished by hand, [yes i have a lot of time on my hands] lol, same with timing cover and valve coverI put on hold for the next quicker project, 90 300zx non turbo coupe a guy at work had at his garage for someone else,but he's a chevy man and didnt want to work on it,had a noise, when i bought it thought was a lifter, found out was not a lifter but, # 1 rod cap nut was in oil pan and the other nut on same was loose,,,hence my noise,and #6rod to crank was shot allso. learning big time on these newer ones. Motor back together with 10 under crank and rods, jwt racing cams,head checked and valve job,new valves,springs,ect . and lots of extra goodies.dropped 1 inch with springs and struts, KGS ENGINEERING invader II body kit, VIS invader II rear 2pc wing, Stillen v2 ducted nose panel,modified by me,for more air. on the road without paint this week end 12 12 08,,,i hope,,lol,more later

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