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   2003 350Z  

Growing up with two older brothers who are sports car enthusiasts, my interest in sports and cars was natural. We always had something such as Austin Healys, MG's or Karmin Gia's etc.. In the early 70's my one brother bought a green 240z, which was one of my favorite cars. I got married and started a family, so the prospect of having my own sports car then was replaced with a Honda Accord to accommodate little kids and car seats. However, as soon as I could, I began the search for another sports car. I know what I wanted and after months of looking, I found it. Sitting in a service station parking lot with a "For Sale" sign in the window I located a bright red 1986 300zx Turbo. The rest is history or as my husband would say "I got bit by the "Z" bug and the Z infatuation began. I have slowly replaced, repaired, and restored much of the car over the last few years. This is a process that is ongoing. At the insistence of my son who is also a "Z enthusiast", I began entering car shows. At a Z car show in York, PA about 4 years ago I met Mark and Regina for the first time. They introduced me the Maryland 'Z club and I joined soon after. I have many fond memories with my Z car and I will always keep my 86 ZX even if I buy a new one because once the Z is in your blood, it is there to stay.
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